May I ask the bare minimum of you?



I am a guest in this country and realize I don’t have any right to ask much of my neighbours politics wise.

But I am married to an American and have two American children and I kind of like the weather and open business culture here. Also, I remain confined to living on Earth. So I was wondering if I could make a small request, actually the smallest I can imagine.

When you go to the polls in November, you don’t necessarily have to vote for Hillary or one of the other not Trumps, half measures in both cases.  I have no right to try to tilt you on that.

But could you commit at least to taking responsibility for the results of your own decision? For example, before you vote Trump, can you promise yourself that if he wins (and related events occur re House, Senate and thus SCOTUS), and when stuff happens, that you will concede that you are personally responsible for that by virtue of having voted for it?

Perhaps that is too much, on the grounds that Hillary would be even worse!  Ok, fine.  Let’s lower the bar of your personal responsibility even further.  Can you consider the counterfactual and commit to taking responsibility for the difference between what arises from a Trump victory and your estimate of what would have happened had Hillary won? And no changing your estimate of what Hillary would have done based on what Trump did do. That would be cheating.

My experience post the W victory is that most Republicans cannot even do that. But in this case, this bare minimum of what is required to allow democracy to be a good idea even in the abstract would seem to be more pressing.

Can you do the barest minimum, even concede responsibility for your own actions?