Yellen won’t be cowed

I demand higher interest rates!

It is extremely difficult to take seriously all this stuff about how new potus is going to put pressure on Janet Yellen… … to, um, RAISE interest rates?

During most of the Obama recovery, GOP members of the Failure Caucus made a huge and interminable stink about how policy was too easy, would cause inflation, was enabling fiscal recklessness, was screwing savers, etc. etc. etc. It was all just total cow manure, obviously.

And during the election, the candidate dialed up the heat, implying that Yellen was just trying to get Clinton elected and culminating with a max anti-semitic ad that was truly beyond the pale.  Yellen is one of the Jews that wants to steal trillions of dollars of your money.  Sure.

From this, we are supposed to believe now that the new Administration is going to be pressuring Yellen to raise interest rates because their earlier claims were so, you know, serious? It all seems kind of ridiculous, which of course has absolutely no bearing on how much play it will get.

Could take a while to repeal algebra.

It is in the same category as this story from the supposedly-liberal Slate.  The GOP leadership is now out saying it is going to take several years to repeal and replace Obamacare. The reason is that a bipartisan compromise will be required in order to overcome the filibuster in the Senate.

Yeah, right.  The GOP have majorities in both houses of Congress and control the presidency. Their team will soon again have a probably-growing majority on SCOTUS. But even with this, they do not want to take responsibility for their own agenda. So they are going to goad the Dems into a filibuster, trump up some pretend compromise to get around it, and thus achieve two things.  First, obscure that all their claims about how easy it would be to fix Obamacare were based on deception.  (See any one of a hundred of Krugman’s posts on the three legs of the stool.) Second, get the Dems politically to own half political fall-out. Maybe Schemer could just vote against the legislation and skip the charade of a filibuster? No clue.

But we are supposed to believe this is some sort of technical, legislative difficulty, even with full Republican control, rather than just a recognition of the fact that the past seven years of commentary about “replacing” Obamacare was bull.

Wow. People are gullible. Even Slate, which I concede has been pretty reliably critical of new guy, gets taken in.

This is just in and somewhat better, in my view.