Good one

I am not a huge fan of sensationalist journamalism, and I find it irksome that the journamalists don’t write their own headlines, but this is actually a good one.


The image of a bunch of liberals cowering because Mr. Market did not explain to their conservative friends that Hair Club is bad news is darkly funny.  Liberals love intellectual authority figures (like climate scientists) and the idea they would put Mr. Market in that role seems worth mocking.  See here.  So well done.

As a liberal myself, I think it is pretty ridiculous to think that the main worry associated with pouty potus is what he might do to the stock market.  I fear that the stock market will just suddenly stop, as the US is reduced to a smoldering heap of radioactive ash, possibly on its highs. Barring nuclear Armageddon, it is also disappointing to see the constitution (the actual thing, not the piece of paper) trashed, the media turn into a bunch of quislings, and the GOP basically run the Nazi playbook.

Have you guys been paying attention to this asshole? I was bearish, but he is definitely jumping under the bar.

Not knowing what to do with the portfolio does not rank among my chief worries, although it is true I don’t know what to do with my portfolio. Anybody want a house in Westport? I bought this particular one at the “lows.”