Rex Tillerson, climate science expert

Here is an excerpt of a story describing teenagers who want to sue ExxonMobil, among others, for burying scientific research showing that CO2 causes global climate change.

“Rex Tillerson is one of the most knowledgeable executives in the fossil fuel world on the role of his industry alongside our federal government in causing climate change and endangering my youth plaintiffs and all future generations,” Julia Olson, attorney for the plaintiffs, said in the statement. “We intend to use his deposition to uncover his and others’ culpability, on behalf of these defendants.”

I am pretty sure the first amendment was intended to protect truth tellers and toward that end gives an extreme benefit of the doubt to bullshitters like the PR department at ExxonMobil and Rex Tilleron personally. Suing Exxon for merely bullshitting would, I assume, be unconstitutional. I sure hope it would be.

Let me propose a simpler solution, although one that relies on the common sense of Americans rather than some regulation. STOP assuming corporate CEOs know anything beyond how to make money for their corporations and/or selves. If you believed Rex Tillerson when he said anything not related to making money for ExxonMobil, then the problem was probably with you, not the legal system.

Journalists might also want to internalize that. Jamie Dimon does not (necessarily) know anything interesting about how to do infrastructure spending.  Stan Druckenmiller’s opinions on Social Security more likely spring from class than generational concerns, despite his claims.  And what Ken Langone thinks of the dignity of Barack Obama removing his suit jacket in the Oval Office is probably completely irrelevant.


Why don’t you just ask him out?