Summers on being a moral zero

Larry Summers recounts on his blog being “disappointed” by how quickly the Davos crowd has accommodated itself to, well, evil.

He trots out (apparently) Burke’s idea that evil takes root not just when there are evil people around but when (otherwise?) “good” people refuse to take a stand.

What I find amazing is that these weaklings congratulate themselves for “rising above” politics and for not being “partisan.”  And have the audacity to refer to themselves as patriots.

The pro bono banking patriot on whose every word the Quislings at Bloomberg hang assures us that Trump will govern differently from how he campaigned.  I doubt that, leaving aside whether having been a pathological liar would be a feature. But why would this guy take time out of banking to defend der Leader? Weird. Unpatriotic.

I guess it serves us right for expecting leadership from business people. There is nothing wrong with them, to generalize. But there is also nothing special about them, to generalize. If you run a bank you might be good at running a bank. If you can’t actually lead, maybe stick with banking?


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