Blogging rules: I

There are no comments sections. People are generally dumb and I don’t have the patience. Get your own blog.

I blog quickly and don’t always get what I want the first time. So up to this point I have been pretty cavalier about revising posts, to remove snark, to tighten up language or to add a link that I might have discovered belatedly, etc.  I have been careful never to change forecasts or claims.  But blogging is a contact sport and I realize now the virtue in following the convention.

So I will follow that convention more closely.  I retain the right to tweak posts that I have just recently put up and that have the word Draft at the top. But once Draft comes off they are forever. Misplaced commas or decimals, misspellings and very bad turns of phrase will now be safe for posterity. I may rewrite stuff and present it anew, indicated as such. I want to leave room for learning.

Occasionally, I put up self-evidently childish and political nonsense, mostly as release. I will continue to do this and subsequently to delete outright at will.

If you don’t like this approach, then go read Grumpy Economist or Noahpinion like everybody else. They are probably better anyway.