Tony Robbins on the market

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 7.17.54 PM

That reminds me of something.

Oh, yes. Here is Tony Robbins in 2010 sharing some advice he obtained from some of the smartest minds on Wall Street.

One might think that this history would be something that Business Insider would share while teeing up a Tee Vee thinker willing to speak to them.  But one would be wrong.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20. I remember thinking in real time that this guy really presented himself well, his gesticulations were very well timed relative to his facial expressions.

To succeed in fake business, it is ALL about presentation. Show commitment. Relate to your viewers. The guy was awesome, and missed the tripling.

Update: Having actually reviewed the video, here is a thought that strikes me anyway as fun.  Unlike Robert Lucas, Tony Robbins does now ask, what is this “aggregate demand” of which you speak? Robbins is reflexively Keynesian, circa 2010.

Also, it is totally at odds with Tony Robbins’ unique selling point that his hairline should recede or that what is behind it should go grey.  He is all about the triumph of the will, and a bit less about external reality.  It is possible that the psychotherapy did not take.