Give it a rest, Whigs


I don’t know much about Michael Gove, beyond him being evidence that sometimes looks don’t deceive. But apparently he fancies himself a Whig.  Apparently, he feels a need to mention that too.

I guess a Tory can be a Whig just like a Republican can be a raging racist.  But as an Irish-Canadian lapsed Catholic, I have had it up to here (imagine normal-sized hand giving flattened salute) with this resurgent Whig propaganda.  Where the hell did that come from?

Please spare me Luther’s theses, Gloriana, John Locke, the Glorious Revolution, the Act of Settlement and the Intolerable Acts, one of which was placing stinking Catholics into the Ohio.  Really, it is getting to the point of being bigotry.

I get that reading for oneself is a good idea and that, yeah, capitalism was probably on balance desirable.  But you Protestants seem these days to be having trouble getting beyond that one book and you just elected a knob who may well destroy capitalism.

Luther, a Catholic, was cool, but he was the first step along a road that ended up giving us Joel Osteen, Jerry Falwell, Liberty University and Donald Trump.  The trick in life, you know, is to finish strong. And you guys ain’t doing that.


Sure, the Catholic church must be destroyed, just like all religion. Admittedly James II and Tony Blair were kind of dickish.  But the biggest Christian threat to human progress these days is dissenting Protestantism*, not the Catholic church. So give it a rest for a while, guys. You are starting to get tedious.

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* My favorite form of dissenting Protestantism is the guy who claims to be religious but does not believe in “organized” religion.  Admittedly, some lame Catholics fall into this same camp.He wants to be able to make up the bullshit from whole cloth. This is presented invariably as some sort of “advanced” form of spirituality.