I’ll take the over

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 4.25.35 PM.png

Eric Garland, who is great, claims that combined IQ of the people in this photo is a “solid 147.”

I don’t think anybody has a negative IQ and I know only 4 of these people.  (This excludes the women on Ted Nugent’s right and Kid Rock’s right. )  So I will focus on those 4.

Ted Nugent is a rock star.

Kid Rock is a rock star.

Sarah Palin was elected governor of Alaska and got on McCain’s ticket to be VP.

Donald Trump was elected president of … … I cannot say it.

Collectively they have an IQ above 400. And I would be willing to bet that not one of them is below 100.

I cannot stand any of them, for whatever it is worth. But the average person is way dumber than you may at first assume, I would argue.

I once applied this to a bet that Ryan Lochte had an IQ above 100. We were never actually able to resolve that decisively. But I bailed and paid up when I could not get a single person to agree with me and my wife asked a guy who worked with him who just laughed. I like to be in the minority, but alone probably means you are wrong.