This might work


Highly-principled maverick senator John McCain has voted yes on the motion to proceed while claiming to be opposed to the bill itself.  That sounds pretty silly.

But don’t rush to judgment. This might work.

McCain’s vote to proceed removes the filibuster, at least for some versions the bill. Then during the actual debate on the bill and subsequent reconciliation, McCain “resigns” and is replaced by a senator from Arizona with (even) less scruple. And there are scenarios where that one vote ends up mattering, to some possibly-minor extent.

This way McCain gets to be loyal to his party to his last breath, while appearing (to very naive people, which apparently includes the entire MSM) to be a man of principle.

It is this kind of Country First commitment that Americans will all miss.

As for the Skinny Repeal, I have a question. If you remove the mandate but sustain protection of those with pre-existing conditions, then why would even upper-middle-class people bother with insurance?  Adverse selection would then not be about just the young, healthy and stingy dropping out. This could really broaden out the range of free riders to include complacent 50 year olds too.

They could ask, why not just go uninsured until we get gravely ill and then get insurance?  Apparently, putting in even a six-month delay to even discourage this would require 60 votes and would thus be a no-hoper politically.

This is not a snark question. I am honestly curious.