Collapse of civilization

Update on Aug 13

I wrote this post before the outrage in Cville. Decided not to take it down, but please keep that in mind when judging if it is appropriate. Would not write it today.

Original post

I don’t have enough scratch to be a proper prepper, although I did get a cottage up in Nova Scotia after the election. Come the nuclear winter, I will just move there. Foolproof!

What I find piquant about the preppers, though, is that they totally got 180 degrees wrong — utterly predictably — what the threat would be. Hyperinflation caused by QE? Please.  Hordes of welfare bums coming for your family? Nope. All those fears of lefty threats were irrelevant.  The insanity,  at least in the US, comes entirely from the right.  This is now known generally among sentient apes.

There are left wing kooks, as the fake-balance professional centrists like to point out. But they have no power. Do any of you numbnuts ever, like, read the paper? You are not going to be taken down by a one-armed, blind, black, lesbian anarchist who dislikes Charles Murray.

Anyhow, come the Apocalypse you might want to have five acres on an island in the Pacific Northwest. And I kind of get bullets, air filters, and a second passport. I got one of those three.

What I don’t get is the guy who fears the collapse of civilization and figures he should stock up on Bitcoin. WTF?

The global network is out because of a global Russian hack. The missiles are on their way  in from North Korea. Trump has suspended the entire justice system and now has an ethnicity test for property.  Global warming has thawed a strain of arctic plague for which modern human resistance is 0%.  Quick! Print out your Bitcoin and jump on the back of my motorcycle.

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